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Operational Excellence

We offer comprehensive consulting services, from operational excellence to agile methods.

Increasing labor input does not necessarily lead to better business results! As with rowing, an excellent result can only be achieved in a company if everyone involved is coordinated and rowing in the same direction. Rowing in the wrong direction quickly jeopardizes productivity and thus the overall results of a company.

On the path to business excellence, we at Slitisa Consulting work together with our clients to reduce company costs through process and lean management, minimize the complexity of products and processes, reduce throughput times and create clear responsibilities.

Associated services: Implementation of Operational Excellence, CIP programs, Kaizen methods, the EFQM model, Lean Six Sigma, BPMN 2.0, maturity assessment e.g. according to Requirements Quick-Check, Maintenance Quick-Check, CCMI, MMOG/LE, PDCA, DMAIC, process simulation, swimlane modeling, FMEAs, QFD, Scrum, process-oriented benchmarking and KPI systems.

1. Operational Excellence:

Operational excellence is the key to improving operational performance and competitiveness. At Slitisa Consulting, we support companies in optimizing their operational processes and achieving top performance. We focus on efficient process design and the reduction of losses in order to increase overall efficiency.

By promoting continuous improvement and applying methods such as Kaizen, we help companies to constantly optimize their processes and drive innovation. Our support includes the application of proven methods such as PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Act) and DMAIC (Define-Measure-Analyze-Improve-Control) to solve problems, improve processes and increase quality. As a framework for business excellence, we use the EFQM model to support companies in the holistic improvement of their organization.

2. Lean Six Sigma:

Our expertise in Lean Management & Six Sigma aims to increase your efficiency, reduce losses and promote continuous improvement in your business processes and services.

With our expertise, we support your company in the successful implementation of lean methods and Lean Six Sigma principles in order to achieve sustainable results and strengthen your competitiveness.

3. Process Analysis and Modeling:

We help you to clearly understand, visualize and optimize business processes. With the expertise of over 20,000 modeled processes in the Swimlane representation and BPMN 2.0 as well as various modeling tools such as Viflow, Signavio, Mo2Go and Aris, we support you in the analysis and recording of your business and system processes.

We also offer web-based process and knowledge databases that store process models, documents and relevant information centrally and make it easier to share them.

4. Aplication of Slitisa´s Quick-Checks and better integration of your operating model:

Our 3 Quick Checks provide fast and reliable assessments of operational performance in various areas, including innovation management, requirements processes and maintenance. We identify optimization potential and derive cross-industry best practice solutions to optimize your operational processes.

We also use the V-model and the L-model to optimize your development and performance processes. The V-model ensures the quality and reliability of your products through systematic planning, implementation and verification of development processes. With over 100 methods, the L-model offers the opportunity to improve performance processes and ensure sustainable value creation.