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Process Management

Efficient design and optimization of business processes.

In an increasingly competitive environment, it is crucial to design and optimize business processes for long-term success. Slitisa Consulting offer tailor-made solutions for analysing, optimizing and modelling your processes. With a wide range of tools and methods, we help you to optimize your processes and achieve your corporate goals.

Associated services: Implementation of process simulation or process modeling with Process Simulator, Signavio, BPMN2.0, MS Visio, Apis, ViFlow, Mo2Go, Aris, Viflow, or web-based databases, process-oriented benchmarking, process governance frameworks, and implementation of EFQM model.

1. Process governance:

At Slitisa Consulting, we understand the importance of effective process governance for the long-term success of companies. Our expertise lies in supporting you with the introduction of this governance and ensuring that your business processes are designed and implemented transparently, consistently and efficiently.

2. Process analysis and modeling:

We help you to clearly understand, visualize and optimize business processes. With the expertise of over 20,000 modelled processes in the Swimlane representation and BPMN 2.0 as well as various modelling tools such as Viflow, Signavio, ViFlow, Mo2Go and Aris. We support you in the analysis and recording of your business and system processes. We also offer web-based process and knowledge databases that store process models, documents and relevant information centrally and make it easier to share them.

3. Process simulation:

Our process simulations provide a detailed analysis and optimization of your business and plant processes. Potential improvements can be identified or sound resource and logistics planning can be evaluated in advance by simulating processes.

4. Process-oriented Benchmarking:

With the help of process-oriented benchmarking, analyses and comparisons with best practice are used to support and drive forward the optimization of company processes through to business excellence. The focus is on comparing the company’s own position with the competition, as well as highlighting the strengths and weaknesses and success factors of the company. Analysing your position and that of your competitors not only supports the generation of new ideas, methods and processes, but also the further development and adaptation of corporate strategies to the current requirements of your own company.

We support an efficient and effective process for all project participants with our five-phase model.