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Operations management: efficiency and top performance.

With in-depth expertise and proven methods, we support companies in analysing, optimizing and transforming their production and business processes. The goal of Slitisa is to assist you in enhancing your operations, reducing expenses, enhancing the standard and gaining a competitive edge.

Improve your business work by optimizing everything from start to finish, including how often your system is available.

Related services: Implementation of lean production, increasing plant availability, OEE, maintenance, total productive maintenance, supply chain management, value stream mapping, and MMOG/LE.

1. Optimization of system availability:

As part of a 3-phase project, we improve the system availability of our customers and make their operations more productive. Through a thorough analysis of the current state of the plant and business processes, we identify potential for improvement.

The second phase focuses on eliminating losses and devising specific strategies to enhance cycle times, throughput times, system availability, quality rates and overall system efficiency.

In the third phase, we work with our customers to implement improvement measures developed to increase overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) and reduce downtimes.

2. Clever Maintenance:

In addition, our experts support you in developing effective maintenance strategies to extend the service life of your systems and minimize downtimes. We implement Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) methods to continuously improve your production facilities and maximize the overall performance of your equipment.

Our Maintenance Quick Check provides a quick and thorough assessment of your maintenance processes to identify potential efficiency gains and cost savings. Our experts carry out a thorough analysis together with your employees and provide you with clear insights and recommendations for action to optimize your maintenance activities and improve system availability. With our Maintenance Quick Check, you can ensure that your maintenance strategy delivers the best ROI and that your company is equipped for future growth.

3. Supply chain excellence and operating model integration:

By optimizing your supply chain and implementing MMOG/LE standards, we help you to minimize bottlenecks, reduce costs, improve delivery reliability and strengthen your competitiveness. Our supply chain management approach enables you to optimize your entire value chain, from procurement to delivery. Our experts are at your side to optimize your material flow and logistics processes and ensure efficient production.

We develop customized operating models that are perfectly tailored to your business goals and requirements to achieve maximum efficiency and profitability. We use value stream analyses to evaluate and optimize your value chain to identify bottlenecks and losses and make processes more efficient. Our holistic approaches enable you to optimize your operating models and improve your business processes.

4. Lean Six Sigma:

Our expertise in efficient production management and Six Sigma aims to maximize your production capacity, minimize losses and promote continuous improvement in your operations. We support your company in the successful implementation of lean methods and Six Sigma principles to achieve sustainable results and strengthen your competitiveness.