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Product Life Cycle Management

From conception to market launch, we increase your competitiveness.

As a prominent consulting firm, we provide solutions to a diverse range of business requirements. Our expertise includes innovation management and product development agility, as well as production optimization. We help companies make their processes better and become more competitive over time.

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1. Product Life Cycle Management (PLM):

Our expertise covers various areas of product development and product life cycle management. Slitisa Consulting offers holistic solutions to help companies efficiently manage and optimize the entire life cycle of their products: from conception to decommissioning.

By implementing product life cycle management systems, companies can streamline processes, reduce costs and improve the quality of their products. We also offer consulting services for the introduction of agile methods and practices to increase flexibility, responsiveness, and efficiency in product development.

2. Systems Engineering:

Our expertise in systems engineering enables companies to define, design and integrate complex systems. We offer consulting services for the introduction of agile methods such as Scrum to improve team collaboration and accelerate the delivery of high-quality products.

By using UML and SysML, we support companies in the modelling and analysis of complex systems and processes. Our holistic approach includes support in the development and implementation of systems that meet customer requirements and increase the efficiency and quality of product development.

3. Requirements Engineering and Management (RE&M):

Our expertise in requirements engineering and management offers companies comprehensive support throughout the entire process to ensure that their products and systems meet customer requirements and that project success is achieved quickly. We place particular emphasis on the systematic recording, analysis and documentation of requirements as well as effective management throughout the entire development process.

Our PLM services include the use of our proven Requirements Quick Check, a fast and efficient assessment of a company’s requirements management process. Its implementation enables you to identify the key strengths, weaknesses, and potential of your requirements‘ management. In addition, the Requirements Quick Check analyses prioritized and specific recommendations for action to improve the efficiency and quality of requirements management efficiently and effectively.

4. innovation management:

Consistent PLM requires innovation management. Our expertise in innovation management covers the entire innovation cycle. We support companies in the development and implementation of creative ideas, promote continuous innovation and secure competitive advantages.

In addition to our PLM innovation management services, we offer you our exclusive Innovation Quick Check, which identifies the strengths and weaknesses of your current innovation management. We also use models such as the V-model and our self-developed L-model to optimize the development and performance processes in the early innovation phase and throughout the entire innovation cycle.